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We are My Zent, ​​a company dedicated to sensory marketing
that develops the identity of major brands through the senses
to make them unforgettable.

Our company makes the shopping experience comfortable and pleasant through the senses, generating greater recall among users and producing greater loyalty.

We have the best team for creating exclusive fragrances and brand music focused in marketing and advertising.

Alejandra Merino

CEO - Perfumer

Designer of unforgettable brand experiences with innovative sensory, olfactory and auditory marketing strategies for large companies. Chemical Engineer with a Master's Degree in Aromas and Fragrances. Founder and CEO of My Zent Sense Your Brand.

Camilo Grillo

Gerente de Estrategia y Nuevos Negocios

Director of Sensory Marketing and Olfactory Branding strategies for major brands. Project management leader, expert in introducing new markets. Co-Founder of My Zent

Jhonny Carreño
Technical Chief Supervisor

Leader of the technical team, in charge of the installation and operation processes of the fragrance and music diffuser devices.

Maira Rueda


Administradora de recursos financieros, humanos y operativos de la empresa, para el soporte de la actividad económica.

Paola Castillo

Customer support and logistics

Leader of the work team towards a culture focused on customer satisfaction, creating processes to provide the best support during the sale and post-sale.

Lauren Gaitán

Coordinadora de ventas

Expert in sensory marketing, generator of strategies to increase sales and loyalty of large companies in international markets.

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